Our bodies are made of many different types of cells. If cells die in any one of these areas, new cells are needed to replace them.  In these situations, the cells that are responsible for creating new cells are stem cells or otherwise known as 'regenerative stem cells'.  For example, when the skin or a joint get injured and damaged, new skin is formed.  The cells which are used to form new skin are stem cells (regenerative stem cells.)

According to Journal: American College of Cardiology,Regenerative Medicine is the vanguard of 21st century health “ Regenerative Aesthetics is a new field of regenerative medicine that aims to restore and renew the body at the cellular level, dramatically reversing the ravages of time and maintaining a desirable youthful appearance.

The most widely known of these regenerative therapies is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP which utilizes your own Blood Plasma and Platelets in a concentrated form to activate the healing effect. Known as “Liquid Gold”, your platelets and plasma have been shown to rejuvenate

Advantage of Stem Cell Treatment

Tap into your own healing potential with these types of bio-hacking technologies to enhance your regenerative potential and get the results you truly desire. As with any medical treatment a full consultation to assess suitability is required. Please tell our receptionists if your appointment is for a Regenerative Medicine consultation as you will require a 30 minute appointment. Please call the surgery on (02) 9194-2788 to arrange a consult.